My name is Poya Manouchehri and I’m a Bahá’í. Growing up, like many others my age, I was fascinated by computer games and aspired to make my own games. The idea of having story told through an interactive medium, which combines many other art forms, seemed almost like magic. This fascination was what inspired me to learn computer programming.

Fast forward many years, after a good run at Microsoft as a developer, I decided to come to serve at the Bahá’í World Centre in Haifa–Israel. Here, as I’ve learnt more about my responsibilities as a human being and as a Bahá’í, I have also come to question my motivations for wanting to make games. After all, even if the average game isn’t promoting violence for fun’s sake amongst other things (and believe me I have played plenty of all sorts of game and still do), it’ll always be a stretch to try and claim that it has a positive impact on people and community. With these questions, and given I still wanted to make games and believed there is more than can be done with them, I started looking and I found a whole category of games (which are slowly but surely coming into the spotlight) referred to as Serious Games, or Educational Games, or Games for Change, or Edutainment, or… the list goes on but the concept is the same. Using games for educational purposes!

This site is really my own exploration of educational games, and more specifically an area which I see less directly looked at: games that aim to nurture our higher conciousness, our soul, and our moral values. What exactly that entails I’m not so sure about. But I am sure there are others out there who are interested and perhaps willing to help me find out.