Connectorium Opening Cut Scene

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One of the things I have been working on for the game is cut scenes which are to be shown before the levels, and convey the story of the game. Early on I had an idea about having cutouts which pop up, similar to those…ummm…pop-up books (not sure what they’re actually called). My main reason was that I am religiously avoiding doing any animation to save both time and embarrassment.

I finally put together a basic version of what the opening sequence might look like. Obviously there will be music, and hopefully some a decent voice as the story teller. There is also some jerkiness which is due to my video capture method. But you get the idea:

I’m facing a few issues though:

  • I still haven’t fleshed out the story fully, though the concept / ending is becoming more solidified for me. I really need to make it more concrete so as to avoid having to redraw things.
  • Drawing is hard and time consuming. I have to admit I do enjoy finishing pieces, but the process can be cumbersome. Initially for each level I wanted to do a story segment with multiple groups of drawings which the camera would move between. Not only have I now decided to have one group of drawings per level, I am desperately trying to figure out any way to skip doing it altogether for some/most levels. Obviously every level needs some sort of story/context…can I get away with just text and voice for some levels?
  • The camera movement needs to be more fluid, with no sharp turns. There could even be pauses in certain places.

Also a quick progress report on the rest of the game: I have added some more features to the game, mostly in the visual department. I have also added a new level which I might talk about later. That puts me at 3 levels, with 7 more to go. I have ideas for a couple of really simple levels, and I’m hoping as I gain experience with the process, the content creation is going to be become quicker in general.

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